Her unique work draws admiration from all.  Many of the latest pieces are extremely textured; incorporating PVA glue, paste and gravel mixed with acrylic paint to feature the growth on pylons supporting the piers in Port Phillip Bay on the Mornington Peninsula, where Marilyn lives.

Embroidered motifs such as the weedy and leafy seadragons are worked on a soluble fabric that is washed away, or depicted in painted and burnt organzas which are then stitched by hand onto the background canvas. Some of the original pieces are difficult to mail owing to the extremely textured areas, but in exceptional cases an original can be custom packaged for transporting, please contact Marilyn for details.

All paintings unless otherwise explained, are of textured acrylic paint on a stretched canvas background with added images, ie. fish, sea dragon etc. worked in freehand machining.
This is achieved by lowering the feed dog to enable the needle to be moved freely, in this case worked on soluble fabric. Once this is dissolved the resulting stitching can then be used individually to be hand stitched to the background.
Insurance and shipping costs are included and dispatch is usually 3-5 working days unless otherwise stated.
If you have any problems with delivery, contact us, or if damage in transit please take a photo and email us
within 48 hrs. of delivery and we will refund cost on return of artwork. In the case of prints we will replace
your selection and refund your shipping costs.

Prints are as original artworks, sizes A4.