Photo of Marilyn

After painting all my life as a youngster and at school graduating in art with distinction at teacher training college in England, I went on to gain the City and Guilds  advanced certificate in embroidery with distinction specialising in freehand machining.

In 1978 I moved with my family to Adelaide where, armed with my certificates and samples of work was given work by a prominent fashion  designer who trusted me with his beautiful dress fabrics for embroidery. Two years later having moved to Sydney I began to teach freehand machining both in Bernina centres and with personal groups. Since being in Melbourne I have spent some years experimenting with various forms of painting and find acrylic paint in its versatility to be  the most adaptable for my needs whether working on paper or fabrics with the combination of freehand machine stitching. 


I love all aspects of nature from the sea to the countryside whether the cooler colours of England where I grew up or the intense light of Australia and a whole large country to investigate. The areas in which I have so far specialised are taken from camping experiences in the Outback, Underwater scenes from snorkelling in the Barrier Reef and the Bays of the Mornington Peninsula Victoria where I now live. Texture and colour are two of my passions and I am forever trying new ideas and  techniques to achieve celebration of the wonderful world in which we live. One of my favourite techniques  is disperse or transfer dyeing. This method lends itself to a number of unusual and unexpected results that I love.


I am a member of the Australian Decorative & Fine Arts Society, Embroiderers Guild of Victoria, Peninsula Arts Society and the textile group there, am a past member of the Hurrah! group of professional textile artists and of the Mornington Peninsula Open Studio scheme. I regularly exhibit my work and teach freehand machine embroidery combined with acrylic painting, write articles for textile magazines and have published  2 books on machine embroidery.


My work I often class as Mixed Media as it incorporates both acrylic paint with added fabrics, freehand machining and texture. Special features such as the weedy and leafy seadragons and fish are worked separately on dissolvable film to leave only the stitched work that is then added to the background with hand stitching. Looking through my images you will find that many consist of these techniques.